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UMKC Open Education Conference

Where: Kauffman Conference Center Town Square
When: September 8, 2017 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM

Keynote Presentation: Open to Change

Open Education is both a new and old idea, drawing on the best traditions of sharing knowledge and scholarship. Why is open education gaining more attention? What motivates faculty and administrators to adopt open educational principles and practice? As more faculty and institutions embrace Open Educational Resources, questions arise about the effects of this for higher education.

Are students more or less successful when OER are used? How are faculty viewing teaching and learning with open content? How are institutions making OER part of their everyday practice? Are policy makers taking notice? We will explore questions of impact of OER and Open Education en route to situating OER and open education in the context of the evolving world of higher education.

Keynote Speaker: Mary Lou Forward, Executive Director – Open Education Consortium

Mary Lou Forward, Executive Director, Open Education ConsortiumMary Lou Forward is the Executive Director of the Open Education Consortium, an organization dedicated to the development of open education and its impact on higher education around the world. Among its activities, the Open Education Consortium supports the development of open educational projects and policies around the world; runs the annual Open Education Week, a world-wide week of events focused on open education; supports the creation of MOOCs using open content; runs the annual Open Education Global Conference; provides consulting and training in digital, online and open strategy; and maintains the international Directory of Open Education Professionals. Prior to joining the Open Education Consortium, Mary Lou served as the Dean of African studies, working with institutions across Africa for nearly two decades and a faculty member in African Studies with a focus on Environmental Studies and Sustainability.