Tools for Complete Collaborative Course Design from Assignments to Outcomes

Troost Room, 1:30pm




Have you ever wanted to completely design a course collaboratively via the cloud? Or take a basic set of course descriptions, assignments and course outcomes and be able to easily diagram the whole course structure? Would you like to visually build and check your entire course’s design with aligned outcomes and assignments linked exactly together? Would you like to build project management and development benchmarks into this visualized design so a team of faculty and instructional designers can convert it to a cohesive online experience? By the end of this workshop you will learn the basic techniques to accomplish all of these goals! Dr. Rose will present a demonstration of a cloud-based app which can be used by faculty and/or instructional designers to extensively map outcome alignment, assignment planning and course effectiveness. During the demonstration a planning map containing curricular elements for assessment planning and course-design reviews will be built.