All online courses and instructors at UMKC must be certified by August 1, 2018

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The deadline for online course and instructor certification is fast approaching. Select a training option that’s right for you:

The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.

Mark Van Doren

Data Discovery ~ WebEx ~ Tests ~ Gradebook ~ Panopto ~ Blackboard Basics

Update your teaching toolkit over the lunch hour. Most sessions offered online.

Tips for Teaching Online

Regardless of delivery method, teaching requires careful planning and strategic time management. Here are a few tips to avoid common pitfalls and optimize your online classroom.

Establish some file management for your course (documents, videos, syllabus, etc.) before you begin. This ensures you can easily locate course materials when needed. In conjunction with getting organized, take time to know the ins and outs of your own computer and its software.

Hone your time management skills. Schedule time to grade and provide feedback on assignments and activities, respond to student questions, and facilitate the course.

Tips and Tricks for Teaching OnlineEncourage peer-to-peer interaction. This creates a sense of community in an online class and provides students with opportunities to share their learning and experiences with classmates.

Be present! Students want to know that the instructor is engaged with the course. Indicate when you will respond to student emails and Q&A questions (e.g., 24 hours) and when you will provide feedback/grades on assignments, activities, and tests (e.g., one week after the due date). Offer online office hours via WebEx so students can see as well as hear you.

Set clear course expectations and due dates. Communicating clear expectations early on ensures students start the course on the right foot and eliminates frustrations for all as the course progresses. Setting clear due dates helps students keep track of projects and assignments. Pro tip: If you teach more than one class online, stagger major projects/assignments so you are not overwhelmed by grading all at once.

Keep students engaged and motivated. There is a time and place for discussion boards; however, nothing will stifle student engagement and motivation quicker than “death by discussion board” every week. Use a variety of activities to assess student learning and keep them engaged in the content.

Consult with UMKC Online. Our team of instructional designers and technologists are happy to consult with you at any stage of course development and facilitation. Not only do we provide trainings on Blackboard and various technology tools but we help brainstorm ideas for course delivery. To schedule a course consult, email us at