Dani Wellemeyer, Head of Outreach and Engagement
Julie Hartwell, Instructional Design Librarian

The search box on the UMKC Libraries homepage has changed! The Libraries made the switch from a product called Summon to one called Encore Suites to save a bunch of money. Besides the differences in the look and feel of the search tool, as well as some differences in the results it returns, there is another important change for UMKC instructors: the process for linking to library materials found using the search tool.

To maintain compliance with copyright law, always provide your students with links to online readings when possible. If the library has access to an online resource, we have taken care of licensing and copyright on behalf of you and your students, so long as you link rather than upload a pdf to your Canvas course or Box account. The list of results generated by our old search box featured an easy option to create a permanent link (or permalink) to an article, eBook, book, or other media you found there. (It is a feature we will miss, and hope that our new tool offers later!) Unfortunately, those links no longer work, and our new tool requires a different process for getting a new one. You will need to navigate to the database or journal where the item lives and then follow these instructions for linking to library resources.

If you want to know more about the new online search box, read the UMKC Libraries blog post. If you need help locating a reading or other library material for your course or finding and inserting a link, contact askalibrarian@umkc.edu!