Tech Tip: Active Learning with Kaltura Video Quizzing

Active learning not only engages learners with the course content and fellow students, but also encourages learners to process course material at higher cognitive levels and develop practical application and synthesis skills.

Many faculty incorporate videos in their courses to enhance instruction and provide a level of engagement with their learners. With Kaltura’s quiz function, you can take the active learning process a step further by incorporating periodic knowledge or comprehension checks for students within the video.

To get started, you need to have videos in Kaltura. If an mp4 of the video already exists elsewhere, you can add the video to Kaltura with a few simple clicks.

Once the video is in Kaltura, navigate to “My Media” in Blackboard’s main page (located in the far left “Tools” module). Use the “Add New” drop down menu to select the “Video Quiz” option.


Next, you are prompted to select the appropriate video for the quiz. After selecting the video, you can set various options for the quiz such as allowing students to download the questions before playing the media. Once the quiz settings are established, you progress to the quiz editing feature where questions are added by pressing pause at the applicable time in the video for a particular question.


Once completed with quiz creation, the Kaltura video quiz can be added to your course through the Mashup feature. When students view the quiz, they will see symbols in the timeline of the video that indicate where the next question appears.


At this time, the Kaltura quiz function does not integrate with Blackboard’s grade center; however, using this feature provides students with an interactive way to gauge their own understanding of the topic you present.