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Tackling Student Authentication with BioSig-ID

The re-authorized Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 now requires an institution that offers distance education to have a process through which it establishes that the student who registers in a distance education course or program is the same student who participates in the program and receives the academic credit.

BioSig-ID logoTo meet these new requirements/recommendations and use a software solution that will maintain the highest academic fraud and integrity levels, the University of Missouri-Kansas City has contracted with Biometric Signature ID (BSI) to deploy gesture biometrics technology to authenticate student identity remotely.

BioSig-ID will provide photo-ID verification and gestural biometric authentication to Blackboard courses with the assigned attributes of OS, OA, or OC.

Phased adoption of BioSig authentication began in summer 2017 with a subset of online nursing courses. In fall 2017, authentication will grow to include all online nursing and dental hygiene courses. Eventually, it will include online courses that are not part of an online program. More information about BioSig at UMKC is available on the Student Authentication page of the UMKC Online website.