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Sharing Zoom Recordings in a Canvas Course

After a recording has been successfully generated, an email notification will be sent to your UMKC email address. You can then share it with the students by either of the following methods.

Share in the Zoom Link in a Canvas Course

The easiest way to allow students to access recordings is through the Zoom link in Canvas. Students can go to Zoom in the navigation bar, and access existing recordings associated with a previous meeting.

Remember: Cloud recordings will be automatically removed after 30 days.


Share the Recording Link

You may share the Zoom recording links with your students or guest speakers via email or post them to a Canvas course.

To share the links, either copy them from the email notification received from Zoom, or log into your Zoom account to retrieve.

  1. Go to My Recordings>Cloud Recordings.
    cloud recordings
  2. Click Share, select desired options, and copy the link information.
    share recordings

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