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Zoom is a web-conferencing software that allows users to schedule and attend online meetings with computers or mobile devices. You can share audio, video, desktop and more with other participants.

Using Zoom in Canvas Courses

Zoom is the recommended web-conferencing tool for UMKC Canvas courses. Visit the corresponding tabs above for instructions. 

Zoom Account Types:

Basic: Available to all UMKC users.

Pro: Available to UMKC employees.

Getting Started

Before joining a Zoom meeting for the first time:

  1. Watch the video below for instructions.
  2. Access the Test Link to download the Zoom launcher and join a test meeting. See the Zoom Launcher Plugin page for instructions on different browsers.

Join a Zoom Meeting in Canvas

1. Log into your Canvas course, and click on Zoom in the navigation.

Zoom link in Canvas

2. Under the Upcoming Meetings tab, click the “Join” button of the meeting.

join button

Participate in a Meeting

Watch the Meeting Control Overview below for your options in a meeting as a student.

You may need to configuring Audio & Video after joining in the meeting for the first time.

Depends on the instructor’s settings, you might be able to use your microphone, webcam and the Chat feature to communicate with others, or share desktop and annotate.

If the icon of a feature is mission or grayed out, it is probably disabled by the instructor. Review the Attendee Control guide for explanations of each icon and get familiar with your options.

Scheduling Zoom Meetings for Groups in a Canvas Course

Once a student has activated their Zoom account, they can schedule Zoom meetings for their Group in Canvas.

Accessing Recordings

If your instructor had recorded a meeting, the recordings will be accessible via the Zoom link in the course.

recording link

Each recording will be available online for 30 days. After the recording is removed from the Zoom Link, your instructor might publish a copy in the Media Gallery link. Contact the instructor if you have problem accessing a recording.

canv menu 2

 Find more instructions and tips in the Zoom Help Center

Zoom Keyboard Shortcuts (Windows)

Zoom Keyboard Shortcuts (Mac)

Zoom 24/7 Tech Support: 888-799-9666

Staff Support

Contact 816-235-2000 or for questions about account request and billing.

Activate a Basic Zoom Account (Free)

Go to, click “Sign In”, and enter your UMKC username and password. You will be able to start using Zoom as a basic user immediately.

Request for a Pro Account ($12/Year)

Submit a UMKC Zoom Pro Account Request.

Using Zoom

Watch the Getting Started Videos

Download the Zoom desktop client

How to schedule meetings

How to host a meeting

How to create and share recordings

Find more instructions and tips in the Zoom Help Center

Zoom Keyboard Shortcuts (Windows)

Zoom Keyboard Shortcuts (Mac)

Zoom 24/7 Tech Support: 888-799-9666




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