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Accessing VoiceThread as Non-UMKC Student
If you are a student from other UM universities (Columbia, UMSL or S&T), a one-time verification process is required when you click on a VoiceThread link in UMKC Canvas for the first time. Follow the instructions below to complete the verification.

  1. Click on the VT link in your Canvas course.
  2. The Account Verification page will show up next. Click on “VERIFY BY EMAIL”.
    VoiceThread Verify by email
  3. You will receive an email to your student email account titled as “VoiceThread Account Verification”. Click on the web-link in the email.
    VoiceThread verification email
  4. The link should open a new tab in the browser indicating you have successfully verified VT access at UMKC, and open the VT link automatically in a few second.
    VoiceThread verification success message.
  5. You will now be able to access any VT link in Canvas without having to verify again.

Note: This is a browser-based verification. You might need to go through the process again if you used another browser and computer.

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