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Add Panopto Videos to a Page in a Module

To make it easy on your students to know which Panopto video(s) you want them to watch. You can easily embed a video in a Page in a unit Module:


  1. Log-in to Canvas ( using your SSO and password.
  2. Enter your Canvas course.
  3. Select Modules in the left-hand navigation menu.
  4. Select the Plus button at the right of the Module in which you want the video to appear.
  5. From the drop down, select Page. Then select [New Page].
  6. Give the page a clear and concise name, then select Add Item.
  7. While editing the page, select the Panopto video icon above the large text box. Note: Hovering over the icon will make the words “Panopto Recording” appear.

     Panopto Recordings Button 


  8. A pop-up should now appear. You should see all of the videos associated with this course in the pop-up. If you would like to add videos from another course folder, type the name of the folder in the search bar at the top of the page. You must type the name of the course folder exactly how it appears. The Panopto search function is limited and keywords may not yield a correct search result. Select the folder’s name to open the folder.
    1. Note: Canvas Courses will begin with their semester name. Examples: “2019 Spring Semester – Medicine 9390 0001,” “2018 Fall Semester – Account 420 0001.” Sandbox courses will begin with the phrase “Default Term.” Examples: “Default Term – Canvas 101.”

       Folder Name 


  9. Select the check-box to the left of the recording you would like to add to your content page.

     Select Video to Insert 


  10. Select Insert.
  11. The Panopto video will now appear in your text box. Select Save to save your changes to the Content Page. Select Save & Publish to save your changes and publish the page for student view.

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