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508 Support within the Kaltura Player Toolkit

All Kaltura players that use the Kaltura Player Toolkit are now 508 compliant by default and are based on on W3C Accessible Rich Internet Applications (WAI-ARIA). The screen reader includes friendly markup and testing controls. The player uses HTML controls even when using Flash for video on older browsers.

Kaltura Player v2  delivers a great keyboard input experience for users unable to use a mouse and a seamless browser-managed experience for better integration with web accessibility tools. The player also includes keyboard shortcuts for all main player functions and player plug-ins.

Accessibility Options


The Kaltura Player v2 features include:

  • Screen reader support ( fully tested against JAWS limited testing with others)
  • HTML5; all UI components are in accessible HTML
  • Multi-audio track support (see How to add an audio description track to the Kaltura V2 Player for details)
  • Captions
  • Tab index for all user interactive components
  • Tab into and tab out of player HTML role markups and area-labels for all controls, including sliders used for playhead scrubber and volume control
  • Keyboard short cut controls matching internet video player pseudo standard ( youtube ), with enhancements around rate control and support for custom mapping arbitrary notifications ( easily making plugins accessible )

Default Keyboard Mappings

The following table lists the default keyboard mappings:

Keyboard Shortcut Action (the seekbar should be selected)
Left / Right arrow Jump back / ahead 5 seconds in the current video
Home / End Seek to the beginning / last seconds of the video
Spacebar Play / Pause
Numbers 1 to 9
Number 0 [] +-

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