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Online proctoring options help ensure test integrity for students taking exams in remote locations via the Internet.

UMKC’s Instructional Design and Technology does not recommend using proctoring services during campus shut down for Covid-19. We recommend considering alternative assessments rather than proctoring exams. This will take a bit of creativity on everyone’s part.

If a proctoring option that incurs an additional student fee was not established at the start of the semester as the proctoring solution for your course, you should not require students to use it. Students must not be required to pay for services they were not notified of at the beginning of the term.

Rationale against using proctoring services at this time include the following:

  • Capacity load: It is very likely that these services cannot handle the load required by every institution that is shutting down because of the pandemic. Do not count on these services remaining available.
  • Technical requirements: Not all students have a webcam, which is required for proctored testing verification. Many do not have reliable internet at home and uninterrupted connection is a critical component of an online proctored test.
  • Learning environments: Some students do not have a quiet room in their home in which to take a test that wouldn’t be compromised by a parent, sibling, child, or roommate interrupting the test. Environmental interruptions result in “flags” and/or being kicked out of the exam by the proctoring services. Some students are finding access to the internet in public spaces or parking lots, but these spaces are not conducive to taking an exam. Additionally, public spaces are being restricted by government agencies as the Covid-19 pandemic continues.
  • Personal and job-related anxieties: Many students are dealing with a number of complicated personal and job-related anxieties and adding on the stress of finding a quiet place with a computer and webcam in which to take a proctored exam is the proverbial straw that is breaking their backs. Many students are finding themselves in situations where they are home-schooling their children while also having to get a full day’s work done from home and are taking care of their families. Others are having to cope with job loss or taking care of elderly or sick family members.

We encourage faculty to consider these issues facing our students during this trying time.

Respondus Monitor

Respondus Monitor is a companion product for Respondus LockDown Browser that offers students the ability to take an online exam remotely in the location of their choosing. Monitor serves as an alternative to live proctoring, while still helping to protect the integrity of online assessments.

If the use of Respondus Monitor was not established at the start of the semester as the proctoring solution for your course, you should not require students to use it. Students must not be required to pay for services they were not notified of at the beginning of the term.

If your exam requires use of Respondus Monitor, it is included with the Respondus Lockdown Browser download. The first time Monitor is required in a course for a student, the student will be prompted to pay $15 to use Repondus Monitor. The $15 fee covers a 12-month subscription for Respondus Monitor and allows students to use the product in an unlimited number of courses during the 12-month subscription. There is no charge to use Respondus Lockdown Browser only.

Respondus LockDown Browser must be installed on the student’s computer, along with a working webcam and optional microphone, in order to use Respondus Monitor. If use of Monitor is required with an exam, Monitor makes an audio/video recording of the exam environment as the student takes the test. Instructors can later choose to review details of the exam (specific frames the software flags as potentially suspicious), or watch the entire session.

How can I use Proctorio in teaching?

  • Verify the student’s identity as the test begins
  • Lockdown the student’s computer with a variety of options while students are taking your test
  • Monitor the student’s computer and environment while the test is in progress
  • Read these tips for using Proctorio

What is unique about Proctorio?

  • Proctorio combines automated examination monitoring, tools for verifying identity, content protection (by locking down the computer’s clipboard and screen-capture capabilities), and analysis of the student’s on-screen activities, eye and facial movements, a panorama of the room, and of ambient noise to alert you to the likelihood that the student may have cheated.
  • Proctorio also provides detailed feedback on the performance of the computer on which the test was taken and the quality of the internet connection, allowing a degree of verification of student complaints about glitches.

Technical requirements:

Proctorio is integrated into Canvas, but requires Google Chrome and users will need to download a browser extension from Proctorio. Additionally, students will need a web camera, microphone and a stable, fast internet connection. Students cannot use a tablet or smartphone. Students may be prompted to change some browser security settings and then restart Chrome the first time they use the Proctorio. Students should plan to take the test in a well-lit space to ensure that a good recording of their test session can be made.

Getting Started:

  1. Is Proctorio the right assessment tool for me and my students?
  2. Yes it the right solution. How do I add to my Canvas course?
  3. What is the best way to prepare my students for using Proctorio?
  4. Do you have any additional tips to provide students? Yes, we have some additional tips and resources.

 Need Support? LiveChat with Proctorio


If ProctorU was not established at the start of the semester as the proctoring solution for your course, you should not require students to use it. Students must not be required to pay for services they were not notified of at the beginning of the term.

ProctorU provides online proctoring services for students in remote locations. If you are a UMKC instructor interested in using ProctorU for your online exams, please contact UMKC IDT or email its@umkc.edu.

 UMKC’s ProctorU Portal: https://www.proctoru.com/portal/umkc  


Some online UMKC courses use a remote proctoring service called ProctorU. The service connects you to a live proctor who will observe you, your environment, and your computer screen while you take your exam.

You will need:

  • A computer running Windows or Mac–mobile devices, tablets and Linux devices are not supported
  • A webcam–cameras built into laptops are perfectly fine
  • A microphone
  • Speakers
  • A reliable internet connection–some WiFi connections may not be stable enough, and you may need to use a wired connection
  • A reflective surface, like a small mirror
  • A valid photo ID 

Read more about the specific system requirements for ProctorU. Make sure to check your system setup. before you plan to take your exam.


There are fees associated with this service. Exams up to 60 minutes will cost $15.

1 hour $15.00
2 hours $20
3 hours $25.00
4 hours $29.00
Take it Soon $8
Take it Now $12

You can watch an overview of how ProctorU works, here.

Using ProctorU

When your instructor sets up an exam in ProctorU, they will also set a window of time during which you may take your exam. As soon as the exam is available to you in ProctorU, you can reserve a time to take your exam.

You may also wait until closer to the exam time, but it is your responsibility to schedule your exam with ProctorU.

You will need to make your exam reservation at least 72 hours prior to the time you would like to take your exam.

You can reschedule with at least 24 hours notice, but keep in mind that you will need to select a new time that is at least 72 hours away, or you will incur a late scheduling fee.

  1. Create an account with ProctorU.
  2. Login to ProctorU with your ProctorU account.

Checking Your Equipment

On the day of your exam, make sure to give yourself extra time to test your equipment and connection before your appointment. You can test your setup here.

You can find more information about testing your equipment here.

Taking Your Exam

On the day of the exam, make sure to log into your account a few minutes before your scheduled exam time.

Getting Help

The best thing that you can do to avoid problems is check your system setup. BEFORE the day of your exam. Test your setup in the same environment, with the same equipment you will use on the day of the exam. And make sure to schedule your exam well in advance.

If you have any problems setting up ProctorU, or connecting on the day of the exam, call their direct support line at 855-772-8678, or access ProctorU’s live chat support.

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