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Publishing A Canvas Course

While all courses for each semester are created in Canvas by default, they are not visible to students until the course is published.

To publish a course for students to view, follow these steps:

1. Click on your course from either the Canvas Dashboard or from the Courses list in the left-hand sidebar.

course list

Note: if you do not see the course you want to publish, click All Courses in the Courses list. By default you will only see courses on the Dashboard that are active for the current semester. Courses for future or past semesters will not be visible by default. To add a course from a future or previous semester to your dashboard, follow these steps.

2. In the right-hand side of the course, click the Publish button.

course publish

3. A message will appear at the top of your screen confirming that your course has been published.

publish confirmation

4. If you need to unpublish your course, click the Unpublish button in the sidebar. Students will not be able to access the course once it is unpublished.

unpub course

Note: Once a course contains a graded submission, you cannot unpublish the course.

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