Support Solutions

Accessing the Similarity Report for Turnitin submissions
  1. Sign in to the Canvas course site.
  2. Click on Assignments in the left-hand course navigation menu.
  3. Select the appropriate assignment.
  4. Select SpeedGrader™ from the right-hand side of the page.
    From the details page of the specific assignment, select SpeedGrader from the right-hand side of the page.
  5. Locate and click the similarity percentage from the right-hand side of the SpeedGrader™. In the example show, the similarity percentage is 76% and indicated in a red box. Clicking the similarity percentage launches the Similarity Report in the Turnitin Feedback Studio where you can view detailed information regarding the report.
    Similarity reports may be accessed by clicking on the similarity percentage. In the example image, the similiarity percentage is 76%.

If you experience difficulty opening the Turnitin Feedback Studio, check your pop-up blocker settings and create an exception. Alternatively, if a similarity percentage is not yet available, the report may not have generated. It can take up to 24-hours for a similarity report to generate once a student submits work to Turnitin.

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