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Using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra in Canvas for Instructors

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is available in the navigation bar of all courses.

bb collab link

Getting Ready

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is a browser-based conferencing tool, which does not require any installation of software or application. However, instructors are suggested to go over Blackboard’s Start Here with the Basics page before using it for the first time.

A comprehensive list of instructor guides can be found here.

Creating a Session

Instructors can either use the default course room or create individual sessions by clicking on “Create Session”.

create ultra

Enter a name for the session in the New Session box:

new ultra name

Joining a Session

Click on the session name or the info icon to see the “Join session” option. The session will open in a new browser tab.

join ultra

Hosting a Session

Visit this page for a walkthrough of instructor interface and features.

Accessing Recordings

Instructors can record live sessions. After a session is closed, the recording will be available for the class to view in the Recording section.

access recordings

Support hotline: 877-382-2293 (24/7)