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Using Blackboard Collaborate Classic in Canvas for Students

This instruction is for students to access the classic version of Blackboard Collaborate in Canvas. Consult your instructor if your course have two Bb Collaborate links in the course menu.

Support hotline: 877-382-2293 (24/7)

Getting Ready

Before using Bb Collaborate for the first time, make sure to go over the following steps to get your computer ready:

  1. Check the System Requirements.
  2. Download and install the launcher here.Visit this page for specific instructions on different computer system and browsers.
  3. Run a Test Session .

A comprehensive student user guide can be found here.

Accessing Bb Collaborate

Click on the Bb Collaborate link in the navigation menu in your course to view available sessions and recordings.

bb collab menu


Joining a Session

Click the icon or name of the session, then the “Join” button. Review the instruction page if you have difficulty joining a session.

Note: You may use a phone to call-in and join the audio portion of the session if you are not able to access it via computer.

join session

Participating in a Session

Once the session is launched, you may be able to use video, audio and other features, depending on the instructor’s settings. Click here for instructions on how to navigate the Collaborate window, configure video/audio, and more.

participate session

Accessing Recordings

If the instructor recorded a session and made it available to students, you will be able to watch the recording by navigating to the Recording section.

access recordings