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Using Blackboard Collaborate Classic for Instructors

Blackboard Collaborate is available in the navigation bar of all courses.

bb collab menu

Getting Ready

Before using Bb Collaborate for the first time, make sure to go over the following steps to get your computer ready:

  1. Check the System Requirements.
  2. Download and install the launcher here.

Visit this page for specific instructions on different computer system and browsers.

  1. Run a Test Session .

More info for instructors can be found here.

Creating a New Session

Click the Bb Collaborate link in the navigation bar, and press “+Create Session”. Toggle between Information, Options, and Content to set up time, permissions and file uploads.

create classic

Joining a Session

Click the Bb Collaborate icon to open the session, or click on the session name to view session details including the “Join” button.

join classic

Hosting a Session

Click here for a comprehensive guide for instructors.

Accessing Recordings

Instructors can record live sessions. After a session is closed, the recording will be available for the class to view under the “Recording” tab on the same page.

Recordings can be converted into MP4 or MP3 if desired.

access classic

Support hotline: 877-382-2293 (24/7)