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Scheduling Zoom Meetings for Group Discussion

Step 1: Activate your Zoom account.

If you already have a Zoom account with UMsystem,  sign in to http://umsystem.zoom.us/ to schedule the meetings.

If you do not have a Zoom account yet, sign in to https://umsystem.zoom.us to activate your Zoom account and schedule meetings.

  1. Using a web-browser (Firefox or Chrome) to go to one of the URL above.
  2. Click “Log In”, and login with your username and password.
  3. Check you univeristy inbox. If you received an email from Zoom, click the link in the email to activate your account.

Step 2: Schedule meetings.

  1. Sign in to your Zoom account, go to the “Meetings” link.
  2. Click the “Schedule a New Meeting” button.
  3. Go through the options and click “Save”.

Note: If you plan on using this link for all the group meetings in the future, you can choose “Recurring” and select “No fixed time”. This will make the meeting link available anytime when you need to start the meeting.

For more information on scheduling meetings, visit this page.


Step 3: Sharing the meeting links:

  1. On the page information page, you should see a section called “Invite Attendees”. Copy the URL from here:

2. Finally, share the URL with your group members. You can post it on your group’s page, email or use the Canvas inbox.


Zoom Technical support: (888) 799-9666

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