Respondus Monitor is an add-on, optional service with the Respondus LockDown Browser. If a quiz also requires the use of Respondus Monitor, the students will need to turn on their webcam and record themselves during the test.

The Monitor is a student-paid service. Currently, students pay $10 to use Respondus Monitor with a single course. Respondus has introduced a new purchase plan where students will purchase a $15 subscription that’s valid for 12 months and can be used with any course that requires the use of Respondus Monitor.

The new 12-month subscription for Respondus Monitor goes into effect May 1, 2019. However, between May 1 and July 31 of this year, the price will be reduced to $10 so it aligns with pricing already communicated to students for the summer term. The $15 price will go into effect August 1, 2019.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Will a Respondus Monitor license purchased earlier this year convert to the new 12-month subscription?

Answer: No. The new subscription plan will be for purchases made after May 1, 2019.


Question:  How many exams or courses can you use with a Respondus Monitor subscription?

Answer:  A student-purchased subscription of Respondus Monitor is valid for 12 months (365 days) and can be used with any online course or exam requiring it at the institution. The primary limitation is that a student’s username cannot change during the subscription and must be the same across all online courses. So, for example, if the institution has two learning management systems, the student’s username would need to be the same within both platforms for the Respondus Monitor subscription to work with both.


Question: How do students purchase a Respondus Monitor subscription?

Answer: It works the same as before. Students are prompted to make the purchase the first time Respondus Monitor is required by an exam in a course. The process is simple, and payment can be made via credit card, debit card, or Paypal.


Question: Will the older “$10 per course” pricing continue to be available?

Answer: No. To keep things simple, and to reduce the average cost for students, a single pricing plan will be offered for purchases made by students.


More details on Respondus Monitor pricing can be found at