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Before using Proctorio:

Proctorio is integrated into Canvas, but requires Google Chrome and users will need to download a browser extension from Proctorio. Additionally, students will need a web camera, microphone and a stable, fast internet connection. Students cannot use a tablet or smartphone. Students may be prompted to change some browser security settings and then restart Chrome the first time they use the Proctorio. Students should plan to take the test in a well-lit space to ensure that a good recording of their test session can be made.

Because of all these requirements, UMKC Instructional Design and Technology does not recommend using these services during campus shut down. It is very likely that these services cannot handle the load required by every institution that is shutting down because of Covid-19. Do not count on these services remaining available. We recommend considering alternative assessments rather than proctoring exams. This will take a bit of creativity on everyone’s part.

Getting Started:

  1. Is Proctorio the right proctoring tool for me and my students?
  2. Yes, it the right solution. How do I add to my Canvas course?
  3. What is the best way to prepare my students for using Proctorio?

How can I use Proctorio in my course?

  • Verify the student’s identity as the test begins
  • Lockdown the student’s computer with a variety of options while students are taking your test
  • Monitor the student’s computer and environment while the test is in progress

What is unique about Proctorio?

  • Proctorio combines automated examination monitoring, tools for verifying identity, content protection (by locking down the computer’s clipboard and screen-capture capabilities), and analysis of the student’s on-screen activities, eye and facial movements, a panorama of the room, and of ambient noise to alert you to the likelihood that the student may have cheated.
  • Proctorio also provides detailed feedback on the performance of the computer on which the test was taken and the quality of the internet connection, allowing a degree of verification of student complaints about glitches.

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