Girl holding laptop as media symbols escape

Enrich Your Online Course Content with Multimedia
Friday, Sept. 30, 10:00 am-12:00 pm
Miller Nichols Library 325

Registration is closed for this event.

Slide deck: Enrich Your Course Content with Multimedia (PDF, notes included)

Illustrations, infographics, icons, charts, photos, podcasts, interviews! Possibilities abound for enriching online course content with media that contribute to understanding, captivate attention, or increase retention. In this 2-hour session, UMKC librarians and instructional designers will share principles, strategies, and resources for making smart choices about how to best include media for the greatest benefit and least amount of hassle. For instructors already using multimedia or those wanting to get started, this seminar will:

  • Define online media elements
  • Discuss benefits and considerations
  • Outline process, tools, and resources for integration, evaluation, and selection

UMKC faculty and graduate assistants are welcome to attend and leave as needed during the session. Presenters will be on hand after for informal networking and chat through 1:00 pm.

Presenters and Panelists

  • Scott Curtis, Science and Math Librarian, OER Support, Miller Nichols Library
  • Poppy DiCandeloro, Art History Adjunct Faculty, UMKC
  • Julie Hartwell, , Instructional Technologist, UMKC Online
  • Chris LeBeau, Assistant Teaching Prof., University of Missouri, Business Librarian & Copyright Support, Miller Nichols Library
  • Melissa Messina, Instructional Designer, UMKC Online
  • Nara Newcomer, Head of Music/Media Library, Miller Nichols Library
  • Cindy Thompson, Director of Public Services, Miller Nichols Library


10:00-10:55 am

  • Integration: pedagogy, accessibility, and technology considerations
  • Evaluation: assessment of effectiveness through analytics
  • Selection: OER, free content, and subscribed content


  • Panel discussion and open Q & A

Noon-1:00 pm

  • Networking and chat