Support Solutions

Mac Mojave Update to Panopto 7.0

  1. Quit the Panopto application.
  2. Open your Finder.


    Mac Finder


  3. Select Applications from the left-hand menu.


    Applications menu


  4. Select and open Self Service.
  5. Select Productivity. (Note: You do not need to sign-in).


    Productivity in Self Service


  6. Select Panopto 7.0.0.


    Panopto 7.0


  7. Select Install. The installation will run.


    Panopto Install


  8. To verify that Panopto 7.0.0 has installed correctly, open Panopto.
  9. Select Panopto from the menu at the top of the screen.


    About Panopto Button


  10. Select About Panopto. The version number should now appear.


    Panopto 7.0 Confirmation


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