At some point, we have all heard the saying “there are two sides to every story.” Sure, it may sound a bit cliché, but in the academic world, it bears remembering. Whether we have a true point-of-view analysis essay coming due, or we need a counterpoint for a research paper, understanding the many sides of an issue can mean the difference between a well-developed paper and a one-sided opinion piece. But how can students find opposing viewpoints in an academic context in one place? UMKC Libraries has you covered. Welcome to the Points of View Reference Center database!

Available to all UMKC students and faculty, Points of View Reference presents thorough histories and background discussions on more than 455 topics related to the Amazon Deforestation, Border Walls, Carbon Trading, Concussions in Pro Sports, and other major global issues.  Because Points of View Reference staff scour the news, adding major “ripped from the headlines” topics, all viewpoints and information are current and relevant. The database’s information includes bibliographies, more than 1900 essays, and linked news articles, primary sources, reference books, and transcripts. The database also includes very helpful “Point” and “Counterpoint” pages that link off from topics and provide in-depth background on all sides of discussions.

Points of View Reference is a great resource for students who need direction as they begin research on a topic. It is also an excellent resource for linking within Canvas or for use in a classroom to supplement and support lectures and assignments. This database is available from the library’s homepage through the “Databases” link. For help using Points of View Reference or any of the library’s resources, contact UMKC Libraries.