You can keep students engaged with your instructor-created Panopto content by using Panopto’s Quizzing feature. While the feature is not new to Panopto, the gradebook integration with Canvas recently was enhanced.

You can create multiple quizzes within one Panopto video to keep students watching your content for the duration of the video. A best practice is to add a quiz near the end of the video so students have to watch until the end.

Regardless of how many quizzes you include in a single Panopto video, Canvas will roll all of the scores into one assignment score for easy tracking. Question types include true/false, multiple choice, and multiple answer. Although question types are limited in this feature, these types can still provide valuable comprehension checks for students.

The UMKC Online team has created additional support pages to guide you through the process of creating quizzes in Panopto and creating an assignment in Canvas using Panopto’s Quizzing feature.

For additional information, please contact the UMKC Online team.