Instructional Design/Technology Newsletter

February 2019

Instructional Technologist to Bid Farewell

The UMKC Instructional Design & Technology team would like to take the opportunity to thank Lauren Mathiott for her invaluable contributions as she accepts another position.

Publish, publish, publish!

Once you have created your content (modules, pages, assignments, etc.), you must remember to publish these items so students may access the various materials and assessments. Remember, "green means go!" You want to see the green circle with a white checkmark, which...

New Grade Post Policy in Canvas

Canvas has implemented new changes to the grade center. Before, instructors were able to mute/unmute grade columns. Now, instructors are able to post/hide grades.

Stump the Experts

The Open Lab sessions at the upcoming Instructional Design & Technology Conference on July 26 are designed to tackle attendees’ questions more in-depth.

Understanding Assignments in Canvas

In the fourth installment of the Getting Started in Canvas series, learn more about the five different types of assignments in Canvas as well as how to set up the Assignments Page.

Blackboard Soon to be Gone With the Wind

Summer 2019 is the last semester that courses will be offered in Blackboard at UMKC. Access to Blackboard will be shut off for faculty and staff on September 3rd. Students will lose access at the end of July. Make plans to archive your Blackboard courses and switch to Canvas.