Why do we love this feature?

Setting the missing assignments to a 0 works when you set a due date on an assignment. It makes it easy to determine who did not submit the assignment and the zero will automatically calculate toward the final grade. You can always override this score if the student is allowed to turn the assignment in late.


How to set missing assignments to a 0:

  • Open the Canvas course.
  • Select Grades in the left-hand course menu.
  • Select the wheel or gear icon in the upper, right-hand corner of the grade center. The Late Policies tab will now appear.
  • Select automatically apply grade for missing submissions.
  • Enter 0% for the Missing Submission Grade.
  • Canvas will now insert a 0 into any missing assignment cells after the due date has passed; however, students can still submit/resubmit if the assignment is still available.

Late Policy image


Why should I set this?

Every cell in the Canvas grade center should have a number or value. If you have a cell that does not contain a grade, Canvas is not counting that assignment toward the final grade in your total column.


 Canvas Late Policy Graphic


*If you set the late policy at the end of the semester or after the submission, you will need to manually enter a ‘0’ in that column.