You can create an announcement to share important information with all users within your course. In your notification preferences, you can choose to receive notifications for announcements created by you as well as replies to announcements you’ve created.


  • Your course must be published for students to receive announcement notifications.
  • If you import course content from another Canvas course, you must manually enable notifications to receive notifications for imported announcements.

Open Announcements:

In Course Navigation, click the Announcements link.

Posting Announcements graphic

Add Announcement:

Click the Add Announcement button.

Posting Announcements Graphic

Create Announcement:

Type a title for the announcement in the topic title field [1] and add content in the Rich Content Editor [2]. You can also add links, files, and images to the announcement using the content selector [3].

 Posting Announcements Graphic


Select Sections

By default, Canvas will send your announcement to all sections within your course. To select specific sections for your announcement, click the Post to drop-down menu and select sections from the list provided.

Note: If your course does not have sections, Canvas will still show the All Sections option, and all course users can view the announcement.

 Posting Announcements Graphic

Select Options

Posting Announcements Graphic

You can add an attachment to your announcement by clicking the Choose File button [1].

In the Options section, you can select various options for your announcement. You can delay the posting of your announcement [2], which allows you to schedule the announcement for a future date.

Additionally, you can allow users to comment on the announcement [3] and require students to reply to a post before seeing other replies [4].

You can also enable an announcement podcast feed [5] and allow students to like announcement replies [6].

Save Announcement

Posting Announcements Graphic

Click the Save button.

Note: Unless you are using the delay posting option in Announcements, once you click Save, your announcement will immediately be posted in your course.