Get Certified! Online Policy Takes Effect Fall 2018

Campus policy KC-ACA-3205 was adopted April 1, 2015, to aid in the clarity and ease of governance of online instructors and programs. This policy takes effect fall term of 2018 and applies to both online courses and online instructors.

UMKC Online 100% Certified Instructor logoCourses approved to be taught online must be certified through the UMKC/Quality Matters online course review. Instructors can request a certification review online. Please note that there is currently a 2- to 4-week waiting period for course certification requests. Any online, for-credit course with an attribute of Online Synchronous (OS), Online Asynchronous (OA), or any for‐credit hybrid/blended (OC) course meeting on campus four times or less during a term must be approved to be taught online by the responsible department, school, or college.

Instructors teaching courses with these attributes must complete the UMKC Online Teaching Certification before teaching an online course at UMKC. Faculty have three options for certification in online teaching at UMKC.

UMKC recognizes online course and instructor certification as a best practice and as evidence to meet Higher Learning Commission accrediting standards outlined in the “Council of Regional Accrediting Commissions (C‐RAC): Interregional Guidelines for the Evaluation of Distance Education.”