The Panopto video platform now features Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) to vastly ease the process of adding closed captions to video lectures and instructional materials. Captions can be generated for existing video content in Panopto (see Panopto Guide to ASR Generated Captions for step-by-step instructions) and for all newly created videos.

While the accuracy of the ASR generated captions is not perfect, the Panopto editor allows for streamlined editing and publishing of captions. The generated captions can be processed retroactively to any video content in Panopto and then republished, with minor edits. This greatly enhances the accessibility of the instructional material. See UMKC Online’s Accessibility for Online Courses page for more information about this topic.

Step by Step Guide to Panopto ASR Generated Captions

Panopto videos now feature Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) generated captions.