Enrich Your Course with Multimedia: Faculty Seminar Recap

Last month, faculty, librarians, and instructional designers hosted a seminar discussing multimedia in courses.  The conversation focused on pedagogy, accessibility, and multimedia strategies. Find the slide deck here. Examples of using media in your course include the following:

Panel discussion

Media seminar panel (left to right): Chris LeBeau, Scott Curtis, Poppy DiCandeloro, Cindy Thompson, Julie Hartwell, moderator

  • Infographics to present complex information
  • Interactive syllabus to engage and explain graded projects
  • Videos to enhance understanding of material
  • Assessments to identify course concepts with images and diagrams

Media can also enhance active learning in your course. This issue provides examples on engaging with students using multimedia tools and campus resources. Tools like Kaltura and Panopto for interaction and video creation. With these tools, you can include knowledge checks by embedding quizzes. For discussion boards, VoiceThread gives students the ability to record audio responses. To locate media, UMKC Libraries subscribes to audio, video, and image databases. For questions about a video not available through the library, contact your librarian.

For information on multimedia tools, register for a free training or contact an instructional designer. Details available on the UMKC Online Workshops Page at online.umkc.edu/training.