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UMKC AutoAccess in Canvas

After publisher content is chosen through the AutoAccess team, instructors must enable that content in their Canvas course every semester. For most publisher content, instructors may add these tools to their Canvas sites by adding VitalSource as an External Tool in Modules:



Adding VitalSource to your Canvas Course

1. In your Canvas course, click the Modules link from the course menu:

2. Click the “+” button to the right of an existing module. (Alternatively, create a new module and label it as “Textbook”)

3. In the dialog window, expand the dropdown menu and choose “External Tool

4. Click “Vital Source” in the tool list.

5. Edit the Page Name

  • If there is only one book, type in the book title. We recommend a short title in a way consistent with your usage in course documents such as the syllabus.
  • If you are using multiple VitalSource books, all of the books will appear under this link, and it’s more appropriate to name it something like “Textbooks“.

6. Check the box for Load in a new tab. Launching it in a new tab provides a less cluttered look and maximizes the screen real estate available to the book.

7. The first time you link a textbook you will need to accept the Terms and Privacy agreement and will be asked to log into VitalSource or register with your email address and create a password. Normally your email address should be your campus account, though it is not required.

Adding Cengage to Canvas Course

For Cengage publisher content, instructors must enable that content in their Canvas course every semester. Cengage can be added to a Canvas site by adding the Cenage app to the Course Menu.

Cengage Instructor Guides

UMKC AutoAccess FAQ

  • How do I choose my textbook in Verba Collection throught the UMKC Bookstore?
  • Do you need help submitting the AutoAccess textbook adoption?
  • Would you like to switch from a textbook to using AutoAccess?
  • Do you need a publisher contact for material, desk copies, or course ware set up?
  • Are students are reporting issues using AutoAccess?
  • Do students have questions regarding opt in/out or charges on their statement?
  • Do you have a student retaking the course or finishing an incomplete that need access from a prior term?

Email UMKC AutoAccess and we can help out!

  • Where are my materials?
  • Help! I checked Canvas and can’t find my materials!
  • Where is my access code?
  • How do I opt out?
  • I’m getting an error screen or having trouble viewing my material.
  • I paid for AutoAccess, but am being asked to upgrade or purchase access for my material.
  • Get help from Cengage.

Email UMKC AutoAccess and we can help out!

Publisher Support

If you run into issues in Canvas, the UM System eLearning team can assist with enabling these tools in Canvas sites. Feel free to email. Technical support for using the textbook tool should be directed to your textbook representatives. To access for their customer support, select your publisher to get started:

Do you still have questions with AutoAccess, publishers, or enrollments? Email our Auto Access team

Are you still struggling with your Canvas course? Contact the UM System eLearning Team

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