What is NetTutor?

NetTutor is a free online tutoring service for students. NetTutor offers tutoring in 25+ subjects. Five of those subjects are available 24/7. Subjects which are available 24/7 include Math, College Success, English, Humanities and ESL. All other subjects have scheduled hours. Students can access NetTutor by selecting the NetTutor link on the left-hand navigation in your course or go to the NetTutor at UMKC webpage.

Upcoming NetTutor Webinars:

During this webinar, we will describe how NetTutor works, how students can access the service, tutor qualifications, subjects supported, and how NetTutor can have an impact on your students’ academic success. The presentation will be approximately 20 minutes with additional time allotted to answer any questions. You can register for a session below: