UMKC Libraries has launched a website, “Affordable & Open Educational Resources: Textbook Affordability at UMKC” in support of the UMKC Affordable & Open Educational Resources (A&OER) Committee’s mission to “enhance student academic success through advocating and supporting faculty use of affordable, accessible, and open educational resources at the university.”


The easily-navigated website has a section for faculty stories about selecting and using OER or the UMKC Bookstore’s AutoAccess program in their classes. Faculty who have used these resources are encouraged to submit their stories for inclusion in this section. The “Faculty Resources” section includes pathways to many resources and strategies to consider in course development, as well as to workshops and grant opportunities.


The “For Students” section provides students with money-saving tips on course materials and an anonymous e-mail form for sharing information about affordable learning with their instructors, fostering improved communication between students and faculty members about course material.