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Access & Download a Turnitin Rubric

  1. Sign in to your Canvas course site.
  2. Select the appropriate assignment. The title of the submission will appear along with details from Turnitin, including the timestamp for the upload, grade, Similarity Score, and options to download or upload files.

    Image lists the student's Turnitin submission.


  3. Select the Similarity Score. This launches the Feedback Studio where feedback and plagiarism information may be viewed.

    A red arrow points to the Similarity Score.


  5. Select the blue speech bubble located on the right-hand side of the page.

    A red arrow points to the speech bubble.

  6. Select View Rubric from the menu that appears. This allows you to view the scored rubric.

    A red arrow points to the View Rubric button.

  7. Select the download icon to download a copy for your records.

    A red arrow points to the download icon on the menu bar.

  8. Select Current View from the pop-up menu to download the paper, Similarity Score Report, and scored rubric as one file.

    A red arrow points to the Current View option.

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