Accelerated Session 1

Paseo Room, 12:30pm


• ePortfolios as Assessment Tools (Ajmi)
o Electronic portfolios are a great way to engage students in an active learning process by giving them the opportunity to gather, record, and reflect on their own work. The value of portfolios go beyond the classroom as they can also be used to help students during the transition between education and employment. In this session, I will share some examples of electronic portfolios used in higher education as well as a video-based format we introduced to our law students.
• Assessing Open Access (Julie Hartwell)
o This accelerated talk assesses where we are with the Open Access (OA) publishing model. Catch up with OA and see how it has grown and what it might mean for you and for your students.
• The Interactive Syllabus (Ellis-Claypool)
o It’s in the syllabus! How many times do you get questions about assignments, due dates, and requirements that are beautifully presented and clearly constructed in the syllabus? Even with our careful presentation and detail-oriented approach to this binding document, some students simply aren’t reading the syllabus. Perhaps there is another way to reach our students, who just want to skip to the assignments and point distribution of the course. Practice using free software from to create an “interactive syllabus” and discover if there is another way to ensure all students engage with the assessment details in your course.