Accelerated Session 2

Brookside Room, 12:30pm


• Effective Classroom Communication (Melling, Johnson, Gordon)
o Employers have expressed concern that recent graduates lack soft skills, specifically communication skills. Though students learn about effective communication in a general education class, they may not be encouraged to use these skills throughout their coursework. In this session, experienced faculty from communication studies will offer tips on how to foster effective communication in the classroom, regardless of the discipline. Presenters will cover: differences between academic and professional communication; addressing speech anxiety; and translating public address skills to digital platforms.
• 5 Minute Animations (Grimes)
o Amada Grimes, PhD, School of Nursing
o The attendees will learn how to use the basic component of using Powtoons animation software. This will provide them with the skills to create fun lectures that keep the attention of students.
• Animoto Basics (Ellis-Claypool)
o Our students respond to short videos with colorful images, and engaging music. The average viewing session on youtube is 40 minutes, which means users and clicking through several videos in one sitting. What if you introduced a topic, or provided a quick review before a quiz, or highlighted the achievements of your students with a custom video? Would they watch and be engaged with the display? Discover a simple online software that allows beginners to create engaging, colorful videos with very simple tools and very little time.